Bloom on 8th

Bloom on 8th

Life's an occasion, bring flowers

With the randomized letter and number combination of B
and 8, I was tasked with designing an original identity system, brand name, and application of brand visuals.

From this letter-number combination, Bloom on 8th was made, an inviting neighborhood floral shop specializing in modern florals. The Bloom on 8th identity is applied to retail signage and a business system. The logo mark was altered to make a customized wrapping paper for flower arrangements.

Bouquets are available online and in store.
The Bloom storefront is located in Brooklyn, New York.



Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Print Marketing Material

Retail Signage

Business Signage


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Bloom on 8th invites customers to approach their average days like a celebration, to bring flowers home, just because. This meaningful attitude, combined with the simple visuals of their flora, inspired the natural yet elegant identity design.


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