Explorations in Curiosity

Explorations in Curiosity

A Program Book

Explorations in Curiosity is a documentation of all work completed in Years Two and Three in the Visual Communication Program at Arizona State University. The Program Book is an exercise in typography and layout design, as students devise a design system that accommodates a wide variety of image proportions. The work is titled Explorations in Curiosity, as each book compiles the process of gaining sensitivity to graphic design principles, and exploring their possible applications across all mediums. Volume One is composed of projects from the second year in the Visual Communication Program, and Volume Two, the third year.All typography has been appropriately adjusted, and an active rag has been made for each paragraph.


Book Design

Exhibit Book


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop


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Projects that are contained within a landscape proportion were the most demanding to accommodate. The process of type design is very sequential, and composed of landscape images which increase in length.

All design processes were incremental, and short captions detail the steps of each project throughout the book.


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