Golden Canaries

Golden Canaries

The Burning Voices of Women in Jazz

A Smithsonian Historical Exhibit, made in collaboration with the American Jazz Museum. Golden Canaries: The Burning Voices of Women in Jazz is part of the celebration for Women’s History Month at the Smithsonian. It highlights the profound influence of Black female jazz musicians in midcentury America. Through instrument displays, interactive video screens, and a responsive, colorful, light experience, viewers are immersed into the world early jazz music.

The accompanying exhibit book provides a glimpse into the Golden Canaries experience. Type choices are inspired by 1960s music signage, specifically from the southern United States. Color and material choices mimic the style of midcentury jazz venues.  

The ticket design is applied to digital and print mediums.


Exhibition Design

Print Marketing Materials

Book Design


Adobe Illustrator

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VRay for Sketchup


Dark walls and warm wooden floors mimic the feel of jazz music venues. Colorful graphic elements direct visitors further into the exhibit.

The interactive screen displays begin with impactful black and white photography, as each slide takes visitors through the achievements of the featured musicians. Type and color choices throughtout the space were inspired by protest signage of the Civil Rights Movement and print advertising  materials of the 1960’s.


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